In a world of increasing historical illiteracy and apathy, The Online Review of Rhode Island History  publishes passionate, creative and smart content intended to make history more palatable. Our editorial menu offers a healthy variety of in-depth features and engaging columns, in both short- and long-form, with an eye for accuracy over legend. Our goals are simple: make serious history approachable to a diverse audience and regularly deliver original, unique and interesting material to our readers. It’s edutainment, or a business casual approach to scholarship, if you will. We strive to develop an archive of Rhode Island history articles in order to become a leading source of information about Rhode Island history.

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Our online magazine boasts a team of experienced Rhode Island history authors and all submissions are overseen by an editorial team consisting of Christian McBurney, Patrick Connolly, Robert Geake, Paul Caranci, Robert Grandchamp and Norm Demarais

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Our audience is comprised of a variety of Rhode Islanders and other persons interested in Rhode Island history, including educators, students, employees of major academic and research institutions, corporations, media, government agencies and branches 

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