The Online Review of Rhode Island History is a multi-author online magazine.  Whether you want to write one article or many, short-form or long, we are always looking for contributors. Send your ideas to

Our editorial guidelines are simple:

All work must be original works by the author, and preferably exclusive to or re-purposed for The Online Journal of Rhode Island History ( — you’re welcome to submit reviews of other works (books, websites, articles, etc.), but all commentary must be fair and respectful of the original author

All long-form feature or scholarship submissions at least 1,000 words must include endnotes using the Chicago Manual of Style.  Suggested maximum length is 3,300 words.  Short-form contributions (fewer than 2,000 words) can include endnotes or source credits at the end of the article

All work will be reviewed and we reserve the right to reject any work for any reason; however, we expect you to proofread and edit your own work; we also reserve the right to modify submitted works for style (grammar, punctuation, spelling, clarity) and any edits of significance will be returned for author review

All work must either be fun, educational or interesting — nothing boring, please!

All submissions must be made in Microsoft Word and include the authors name, email address and phone number

All submissions should include recommended headlines (10 words or less) and artwork

All published submissions should include an author byline (no pseudonyms), digital image of head shot, and short bio (75 to 100 words)

Types of submissions we consider (send us your idea first):

  • Features (long-form articles, well-researched, with endnotes)
  • Shorts (pithy, short-form articles)
  • News (short-form filtering of timely third-party content with author commentary)
  • Q&A (interviews with individuals in/around Rhode Island history)
  • Tours (photo and video tours of Rhode Island history-related sites, events, museums, etc.)
  • Book reviews
  • Events (summaries and/or commentary of panel discussions and speakers)
  • Museum (artifact spotlight and addressing the who, what, when…)
  • Multimedia (educational video, audio, presentations or photos relating to Rhode Island history)
  • Lists (for example, top ten most important Rhode Islanders)
  • Advertising (want to reach an audience of Rhode Island history geeks?)