Rhode Island Publications Society

For the largest collection of Rhode Island history books that is gathered in one site on the web for sale, click on the link below to the Rhode Island Publications Society.  The Rhode Island Publications Society is a nonprofit educational and cultural foundation incorporated in 1981 under Rhode Island law to publish and distribute works relating to Rhode Island’s history, economy, and cultural life. Its founder and chairman is one of our co-editors, Patrick T. Conley.

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Rhode Island History Journal

If you are interested in delving further, into more academic and scholarly articles on Rhode Island history, please click on the link below. This link will take you to the Rhode Island History Journal webpage. Rhode Island History, a peer-reviewed journal, is a publication of the Rhode Island Historical Society.

The Rhode Island History webpage allows the reader to search for an article by the author’s last name or a key word in the title of the article. Simply click on the “Click here” link for a searchable list of Rhode Island History articles.  For example, if you put the term Pawtucket in the Article search box, the search will show each article that contains in its title the word Pawtucket.  Once you find an article, you can download it as a PDF. This webpage also has a link to a PDF listing all of the Rhode Island History articles published from January 1942 to Fall 2007; thus you can browse this list for articles that interest you and then you can search for the ones that spark your interest.

You might be interested to know that the following Team members of The Online Review of Rhode Island History have published one or more articles in Rhode Island History: Al Klyberg, Patrick T. Conley, Christian McBurney, Erik J. Chaput, and D. K. (Kathy) Abbass.  To read any of their articles, simply put the author’s last name in the Author’s Last Name search box.

Click here to access the Rhode Island History Journal.