Frank L. Grzyb is a decorated. Army combat veteran of the Vietnam Conflict. While in-country he was awarded a Bronze Star, Purple Heart and Army Commendation Medal along with several other service medals and campaign ribbons. To date Frank has authored seven books: Touched by the Dragon with an introduction by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (re-released in trade paperback as A Story for All Americans); Ain’t Much of War; Rhode Island’s Civil War Hospital; Hidden History of Rhode Island and the Civil War; Remarkable Women of Rhode Island (co-authored with Russell J. DeSimone). His latest is The Last Civil War Veterans, The Lives of the Final Survivors, State by State (McFarland, 2016). His work has been featured in magazines such as Civil War Times, America’s Civil War, Civil War Monitor, and North and South. A member of the Rhode Island Civil War Round Table, Frank is also a contributing writer for The Online Review of Rhode Island History: “Small State/Big History.”