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“One Day” is a film about how life can change without warning. Your life can be perfectly normal when you get up in the morning and in a shambles by sundown. In this case, a hurricane was the culprit. The Hurricane of ’38 was devastating to the state of Rhode Island. This short film focuses on the families of a tiny mill town, Carolina, Rhode Island (which straddles the towns of Richmond and Charlestown) and their relatives in Providence.

The most telling part is that although this awful event happened seventy-nine years ago, we need to know about it today. As a state we are overdue for the next big hurricane. The good news is that we are partly prepared for it. Providence has positioned itself as one of the few American coastal cities that can actually protect itself from future hurricanes.

One of the main persons interviewed in this eighteen minute documentary is John C. Quinn, who was just thirteen years old when the hurricane hit. His father, who owned a shore store in Providence, was tragically injured but his family pulled together to carry on. John began working as a copy boy with the Providence Journal and left as its managing editor in 1966. Then then joined Gannett Co., Inc., helping it become the nation’s largest newspaper company. He retired in 1990.

One Day…The Story of a Storm.

One Day… The Story of a Storm from Carla Ricci on Vimeo.

This short documentary was nominated for an Emmy in 2015 for Outstanding Cultural/ Historical Program. The video is as it was shown on Rhode Island PBS television station and at the Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF).

The film was produced by Carla Ricci – Carla Ricci Films. For more, go to

Documentarian Carla Ricci with John C. Quinn, February 2017