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Jim Jenney, a marine historian, wreck diver, speaker, and author of nine books and numerous articles on the subject of maritime history (particularly relating to shipwrecks) is a native Rhode Islander currently living in Kissimmee, Florida. For almost sixty years he has been actively searching for and researching the waters of Rhode Island and elsewhere for shipwrecks. From his first book, “In Search of Shipwrecks” to his latest, “Naval Disasters in Rhode Island, 300 Years of Military Misfortune” his sole interest has been focused on maritime disasters. Beginning in 2008, and with the cooperation of the Beavertail Lighthouse Museum Association, he has been engaged in researching a complete study of all maritime disasters of the state of Rhode Island from the first year of its existence to present day. A collection of wreck data sheets covering more than 2,500 incidents has already been prepared and is available at Beavertail for public access to our history and the project is far from complete. Recognized as perhaps the foremost historian in this field, he is actively engaged in that continuing project during his retirement.
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Rhode Island’s Greatest Steamship Disasters
1 month ago

Rhode Island’s Greatest Steamship Disasters

It should come as no surprise, considering its rich maritime history spanning almost 400 years, that Rhode Island has had numerous marine disasters. As you might suspect, both sailing …
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