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Johna M. Spencer is a native Rhode Islander who has spent most of her life in Bristol and Aquidneck Island. She is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island and has spent 15+ years in the accounting field. Johna has a great interest in history and historical preservation especially in her home town. Over the years she has done an abundance of volunteer work. One such stint was at the Herreshoff Marine Museum in Bristol. In the 1990s she put together a display and an event for the Rhode Island Girl Scout Mariners honoring Rebecca Chase Herreshoff. She credits most of her Herreshoff family knowledge to conversations with Kirsten, Nathanael G. III, and Halsey Herreshoff and to the late Charlton J. Pinheiro.
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Rebecca Chase Herreshoff, Whirlwind from Bristol
5 months ago

Rebecca Chase Herreshoff, Whirlwind from Bristol

Rebecca Chase Herreshoff was born on December 2, 1894, on Prudence Island, Rhode Island, the daughter of Captain Halsey Chase and Lizzie Kelly Studley. Also called Becky, she was …
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